Hunter I-20 Gear Drive Rotor


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I-25 Ultra


I-20 6" stainless riser


Blue standard nozzles included P/N 782900. Gray low-angle nozzles included.


Optional short-radius nozzles P/N 466100.

Do the Math

Let’s sum this up: 18 nozzles + 17 to 46 foot radius + 6 body choices = 1 indispensable rotor. That’s the difference of the I-20, whether you’ve got a small area, sandy soil, or a mix of shrubs and grass. Now we’ve added automatic arc return; non-reversing 360, from 50 to 360 degrees; and a non-strippable, vandal-proof drive mechanism that prevents gear stripping and saves you repair costs. Adding FloStop® control, easy through-the-top arc adjustment, and a standard drain-check valve all equate to one prime product.


FloStop® stops the flow of water to individual heads while the system is running. Perform maintenance, change nozzles, or simply keep selected portions of landscape dry while the rest of your system is running.
Extra strong spring is ready to work hard, for reliable retraction every time.
Hunter’s famous blue square-top nozzles come with every I-20, as well as 4 low angle nozzles.



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Hunter I-20 Gear Drive Rotor

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