Hunter ICZ Drip Zone Control Kit


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ICZ Drip Zone Control Kit   ICZ Drip Zone Control Kit
Durable and convenient control zone kit designed to stand up to commercial site conditions.

Commercial sites are requiring more and more drip as water resources become more and more scarce. But how do you combine the low flow requirements of drip with the high pressures so commonly present at a commercial job site? Simple — install a Hunter ICZ. This new product is a convenient all-in-one kit, offering the superior performance of the Hunter ICV valve along with a stainless steel filter and high flow pressure regulator. The ICV is Hunter’s top-of-the-line valve, delivering unsurpassed durability and the ability to constantly withstand pressures up to 220 PSI. And, because the kit includes pressure regulation that ensures a consistent 25 or 40 PSI, the ICZ makes it possible to accommodate drip needs in an environment where it would normally be difficult to do so. With everything pre-assembled for you in the right order, the ICZ provides the hassle-free way to install a drip control zone on commercial jobs.

ICZ Features and Benefits    
    ICZ Drip Zone Control Kit

  ICZ Specifications    
ICZ-101 - 1" control zone kit with Filter Sentry

HY100 - 1" MPT plastic Wye strainer with stainless steel 150 mesh screen

• Flow: 2 to 20 GPM (60 to 1200 GPH; .48 to 9.60 m3/hr, 7.6 to 76 l/min)
• Pressure: 15 to 120 PSI (1.0 to 8.0 bar; 100 to 800 kPa)
• Temperature: up to 150¢ªF (66¢ªC)
• Heavy-duty solenoid: 24 AC, 370 mA inrush current, 190 mA holding current, 60 cycles; 475 mA inrush current, 230 mA holding current, 50 cycles

25 = 1" ICV valve with 1" HY100 Wye filter and 25 PSI high-flow regulator
10140 = 1" ICV valve with 1" HY100 Wye filter and 40 PSI high-flow regulator
ICZ Drip Zone Control Kit



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Hunter ICZ Drip Zone Control Kit

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