Irritrol Climate Logic Weather Sensing System


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Climate Logic™


Climate Logic
Wireless Weather Sensing System

For simple, water saving, weather-following, automatic irrigation control, Irritrol® introduces the Climate Logic wireless weather system. Consisting of two components; a wireless transmitting weather sensor for installation outdoors and a receiver module to attach to the Irritrol controller. The system monitors weather data, transmits them to the module and then alters the controller’s program based on the weather. As for compatibility, the Climate Logic weather system works with the Rain Dial®-R, the Total Control®-R, KwikDial® and a new generation of MC-E commercial controllers.

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Climate Logic Weather System

Key Features and Benefits

Built in radios
Temperature sensor for monitoring air temp
Rain sensor
Solar sensor
Receiver module
Optional remote control

Operation Specifications

Up to 1,000 line of sight signal range
Compatible with Rain Dial-R, Total Control-R, Kwik Dial and MC-E controllers

Specifying Information

Model Connection Wireless
CL 100-Receiver and transmitter kit yes



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Irritrol Climate Logic Weather Sensing System

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