Irritrol Drip Zone Kit Valves


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Drip Zone Kit Valve


0.75" and 1" with or without AVB
Not all drip zone kits are created equal, and with Irritrol’s drip zone kits, you’ll know why. Featuring the industry’s most recognized valves that have long been a standard for more than 40 years, these all-inclusive kits come complete with the all the necessary components you need for a drip zone. Coupled with the added reliability of the industry’s most popular valves, these kits include a Y-filter, pressure regulator and all the essential fittings to make a complete drip zone.

Key Features and Benefits

Complete with Irritrol control valve
Irritrol Y-Filter with a 150 mesh stainless steel filter screen
Pressure regulator
Available in 9 valve configurations in 3/4" and 1"

Specifying informations

Model Valve Size Flow Rate
700 Series Drip Zone Kit 1" Low Flow
2500 Series Drip Zone Kit 3/4" Medium Flow
2711 APR Series Drip Zone Kit  



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Irritrol Drip Zone Kit Valves

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