Irritrol I-Pro Replacement Spray Heads


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I-PRO Replacement Spray Head


Pop-Up Replacement Spray Head
4" and 6" models only

I-PRO offers a 4” and 6" replacement spray head that is everything but the body! Ideal for maintenance, this spray head also fits right in the body of a Rain Bird® 1804 and 1806 spray head for an easy retrofit.

I-PRO Replacement Spray

Key Features

Pressure-activated seal with lubricant additive
Pre-installed in-riser pressure regulator (optional)
Heavy-duty, stainless steel retraction spring
Male-threaded riser
Pre-installed flush plug
Ratcheting riser
5-year warranty

Specifying information

Model Pop-up Option
I-PRO400R 4" Standard
I-PRO400R-CV 4" Check valve
I-PRO400R-PR 4" Pressure regulator
I-PRO400R-PR-CV 4" Pressure regulator & check valve
I-PRO600R 6" Standard
I-PRO600R-CV 6" Check valve
I-PRO600R-PR 6" Pressure regulator
I-PRO600R-PR-CV 6" Pressure regulator & check valve
I-PRO1200R 12" Standard
I-PRO1200R-CV 12" Check valve
I-PRO1200R-PR 12" Pressure regulator
I-PRO1200R-PR-CV 12 Pressure regulator & check valve



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Irritrol I-Pro Replacement Spray Heads

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