Irritrol MCE Series Controllers


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MC-E Series Controllers


4, 6, 8, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and
now 48 Stations
Residential and Commercial

With ten different models from which to choose and a host of commercial-grade features, the new MC-E Series provides a wide range of scheduling versatility for small to very large landscape applications.


Key Features and Benefits

Eight independent programs
Models with station counts from 4 up to 48
Commercial-grade, heavy-duty, lockable, weather resistant cabinets and pedestals
Large, 32-character, backlit display with programming prompts
Convertible to respond to Toro® brand Sentinel™ central control
Backward compatible face panel to existing MC Plus-B cabinets on site
Mid Summer 2007 upgrade
Flow monitoring with diagnostics and 3 types of alarms

Electrical Specifications

Transformer input: 120V ac, 60 Hz
Transformer output: 24V ac, 2.08 amps (50 VA)
Maximum output per station: 24V ac, 1.24 amps
Maximum output to valves: 24V ac, 1.8 amps (including Master Valve)

Specifying information

Model Number of station  
MC-4E 4  
MC-6E 6  
MC-8E 8  
MC-12E 12  
MC-18E 18  
MC-24E 24  
MC-30E 30  
MC-36E 36  
MC-42E 42  
MC-48E 48



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Irritrol MCE Series Controllers

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