Hunter PGP-Ultra Case of 20


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I-25 Ultra

Action Packed and Feature Stacked

The new PGP Ultra is a blockbuster of epic proportions. Ready to thrill you, this action packed feature from the award-winning Hunter Industries stars the same great lineup of the original PGP: Through-the-top adjustment, large nozzle selection, and the industry’s most reliable and proven drive-train assembly.

But the newcomers are what make it Ultra:

  • Full-circle adjustment from 50 to 360 degrees
  • Non-strippable drive mechanism with auto-arc return
  • Headed and slotted nozzle retainer screw. You can use either a Hunter wrench or a standard slotted screwdriver
  • Improved dirty-water tolerance on the internal gear drive.


the choice is yours

Now you have a choice. Use a slotted screwdriver or the Hunter wrench with the PGP, for easier and simpler adjustments as you need to make them.


Each PGP Ultra comes with an easy-to-install, square top rack of 8 standard nozzles and 4 low angle nozzles. And optional racks of short range nozzles, for the smallest of areas, are available, too.


Roll Out the Green Carpet

Twenty-eight years in the spotlight and still center stage, the PGP has proven its status as a superstar. The best selling rotor in the world since 1981, the PGP's original exceptional design and impressive performance along with continuous improvements and enhancements have meant decades of unmatched durability, versatility, and value.



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Hunter PGP-Ultra Case of 20

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