Rain Bird U-Series Spray Nozzles

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U-Series Spray Nozzles

Use 30% Less Water*

U-Series Spray Nozzles

The patented U-Series nozzle is the first plastic nozzle with a second orifice for close-in watering and more uniform water distribution. Its unique patented design cuts watering times, saves water and money, and reduces waste.

U-Series nozzles fit all Rain Bird sprinklers and shrub adapters and can be used with new and improved PCS screens.

Rain Bird U-Series and MPR Spray Head nozzles are now color-coded on the top to enhance your productivity.


U-Series Spray Nozzles
High Efficiency Dual-Orifice Spray Nozzles

  • Pressure range: 15 to 30 psi (1,0 to 2,1): optimum pressure 30 psi (2,1bar)
    • Note: Rain Bird recommends using 1800 PRS spray heads to maintain optimum nozzle performance in higher pressure situations.
  • Maximum performance achieved when used with 1800 PRS or 1800 SAM-PRS spray head
  • Spacing: 9 to 15 feet (2,7 to 4,6m)

  • U-Series Spray NozzlesAdditional orifice for close-in watering. Minimizes dry brown spots around spray heads.
  • Low Scheduling Coefficient for efficient watering.*
  • Matched precipitation rate between sets and matched flow (GPM, m3/h and l/s) and precipitation rates with all Rain Bird MPR nozzles.
  • Fine mesh screen protects bottom orifice from debris.
  • Stainless steel adjustment screw to adjust flow and radius.
  • Quickly identify radius and arc with Top Color-coded™ nozzles. Top Color-coding makes it easy to verify proper nozzle installation, even when system is not operating.
  • Fits all Rain Bird sprinklers and shrub adapters.
  • Estimate your water and cost savings with the Rain Bird U-Series Nozzle Savings Calculator.

    * When U-Series dual-orifice nozzles are installed instead of standard nozzles on every spray head in the zone. Results may vary based on site-specific conditions such as sprinkler spacing, wind, temperature, soil and grass type. Scheduling Coefficient (SC) measures the efficiency of spray heads. SC measures how much more you must water your ENTIRE area for the driest sections to receive sufficient water. The lower the SC, the better the spray heads distribute water.



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Rain Bird U-Series Spray Nozzles

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