Rain Bird "Rain Check" Rain Shut-off


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Rain Check™

Automatic Rain Shutoff

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The Rain Check is indispensable in all automatic irrigation systems for residential use.

It monitors rainfall levels and automatically overrides the controller to prevent unnecessary irrigation cycles.


  • Adjustable stainless steel sensing probes offer the flexibility of triggering the rain shutoff with as little as 1/8" (3,2 mm) of precipitation or when rainfall reaches or exceeds 1/2" (12,6 mm).
  • Water in rain collector pan evaporates faster than soil moisture to permit watering if required.
  • Electronic design eliminates micro switches and water absorbing disks which may rust and/or wear out
  • UV resistant plastic construction increases operating life in harsh environments.
  • Works with almost all 24 VAC controllers for maximum versatility.
  • Does not change irrigation programs, but automatically interrupts watering cycle when rainfall exceeds pre-selected level. Automatic return to normal watering.
  • Easy to install with adjustable mounting base.
  • Collector pan can be removed for cleaning.


  • Length: 8" maximum
  • Height: 4" maximum
  • Width: 2 1/2" maximum


  • Input required: connects to valve common wire.
  • Fuse: 3A
  • Multi-valve capacity: Up to three Rain Bird 24 VAC solenoid valves per station.
  • Not recommended for use with direct acting (non-flow switch) pump start relays.

User Manual (PDF: 5.8 MB)



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Rain Bird "Rain Check" Rain Shut-off

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