Toro T7 Series Rotor

SS=Stainless Steel Model 


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T7 Series


Top Arc Indication
  • High Efficiency Nozzles
  • Vandal and Abuse Resistance
  • Durability
The Toro® T7 Rotor is built rugged to withstand the harsh conditions and vandalism present in municipal/government, sports fields and commercial rotor applications. It has been designed and tested to ensure the high reliability demanded by the market today. Its extensive customer identified features including a full 5 ¾” pop-up height and large radius make it ideal for sportsfields, parks and other large turf applications.

Top Arc Indication

Arc setting indicator on top of the rotor allows for easy wet or dry adjustments from 45°-360°.


High Efficiency Nozzles

Single port design ensures water is evenly distributed across the pattern without putting too much water near the head, which prevents seed from washing away.


Vandal and Abuse Resistance

Smart Arc™ memory safely returns sprinkler to previously set arc if vandalized.


Design Solutions and Safety

Standard check valve to prevent low head drainage. Small exposed diameter reduces possibility of injury on play areas.

Radius 45'-79' (13.7 - 24 m)
Flow 6.7-30.6 GPM (25.4 - 116 LPM)
Trajectory 25°
Arc Full Circle; Part-circle Adjustable; Part/Full circle in One
Recommended Operating Pressure 40-100 PSI (2.8 - 6.9 BAR)
Inlet 1" (2.5 cm)
Pop-Up Height 5 3/4" (14.6 cm)
Body Height 8.8" (22.4 cm)
Cap Diameter 2.2" (5.6 cm)



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Toro T7 Series Rotor

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