Toro TIS-PRO Series Controller


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TIS-PRO Series

ET Adjust

  • Flow sensor and rain sensor compatible
  • Remote compatible
  • Simultaneous program operation
This controller automatically adjusts irrigation according to plants' actual requirements with 12, 24, 36, or 48 stations, making it the ideal water conservation tool for residential and commercial applications.

Patented WeatherTRAK® Scheduling Engine

Determines optimum schedule for your landscaping, taking into account sprinkler type, precipitation rate, efficiency, plant type, root depth, slope, sprinkler location on slope, soil type, micro-climate, and usable rainfall.


No Need for Unsightly Weather Stations

Accurate, real-time, ET-based irrigation without the need for unsightly weather stations or time-consuming and inconvenient sensor maintenance.


Irrigation Association (IA) SWAT™ Certified

Performance scores were 100% Adequacy and 0% Watering Excess.

Power 120 VAC
Dimensions 10 3/4" W x 15 3/4" H x 5 3/4" D
Weight 21 lbs, 8 oz
Number of Stations 12,24,36,48
Number of Programs 4
Number of Start Times 2 per program
Run Time 24 hours
Programming Options Days of the Week; Odd/Even; Interval; ET-Optimized
Valves 2
Location Outdoor
Enclosures Metal Wall Mount
Pedestal Stainless Steel Option
Output Power 24 VAC



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Toro TIS-PRO Series Controller

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