Hunter SVC Wireless Controllers

DC Latching Solenoids not included with Models SVC-200 & SVC-400, Solenoids Sold Seperately. See Dropdown list.


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SVC Smart Valve Controllers   SVC Smart Valve Controllers
Reliable battery-powered control without the need of electric connection.

For isolated sites or power-restricted areas, and for the special needs of drip zones, Hunter provides the ideal economical answer. The SVC mounts to a valve solenoid quickly and easily–without screws, drills, or additional wires–and the unit’s solid construction ensures it can handle the harsh environment of a valve box. The SVC operates off a single 9-volt battery that’s guaranteed to provide power through a full season. Along with exceptional reliability, it’s also a breeze to program, with an easy-to-read LCD display instead of cumbersome buttons and knobs. Up to nine start times are available, offering the flexibility to handle watering schedules for such things as establishing new turf or irrigating steep slopes with low infiltration rates.

  SVC Features and Benefits    

  SVC Specifications    
SVC-100 – Smart Valve Controller, solenoid attached (installs to any Hunter valve)
SVC-100-VALVE – Smart Valve Controller, complete kit,
factory-installed on 1" PGV flow control valve (solenoid included)
SVC-100-VALVE-B – Smart Valve Controller, complete kit,
factory-installed on 1" PGV flow control valve (solenoid included) with BSP threads
SVC-200 – 2-station Smart Valve Controller (solenoids ordered separately)
SVC-400 – 4-station Smart Valve Controller (solenoids ordered separately)
DC latching solenoid (part # 458200); designed to fit all Hunter plastic valves

• Controller: 3 1/4" D x 2" H

Station run time: 0 to 240 minutes in 1-minute increments
• Start times: 9 per day
• 7-day calendar or interval (1-31 day) watering
• AM/PM or 24-hour clock option
• Easy to understand icon-based display
• Simplified one button manual operation
• Programmable rain delay for 1 to 7 days
• Operates valves up to 100' away from controller using 18 AWG wire
• Battery: Standard 9 volt alkaline battery (not included), one year minimum life;
battery not required for program backup
• Memory: Non-volatile for program data
• 2 feet of prewired cable included (SVC-100)
• Clip bracket for simple installation
• Rubber cover prevents dirt and debris from accumulating on the display
• Weather sensor compatible
• Controller compatible with most common 2-wire 6-9 volt DC battery-operated solenoids
(consult factory for list)
• Can operate up to 4 valves simultaneously (with SVC-400)

100 = Single-Station Controller (Solenoid Included)
100-VALVE = Single-Station Controller with PGV-101G Valve
100-VALVE-B = Single-Station Controller with PGV-101G-B Valve (BSP Threads)
200 = 2-Station Controller (solenoids ordered separately)
400 = 4-Station Controller (solenoids ordered separately)



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Hunter SVC Wireless Controllers

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