Please provide the following information if you have city water:In-Ground Sprinklers, Lawn Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation systems.

If your water source is through a pump, please click here for a pump specific form:

Service Requested: Design Service only Design Service and Materials

Watering Needs: Turf Bedding Plants Turf & Plants


Meter Size:   5/8"  3/4"  1" 

Water Pressure:    45-50psi  50-60psi  60-70psi  Above 70psi  

NOTE: (Call DO-IT-YOURSELF IRRIGATION at  877-529-6426 if your pressure is 39 PSI or less.)

To obtain your static water pressure, purchase a pressure gauge at your local building supply and take a pressure reading at your water faucet closest to your meter.  Make sure the water is not being used anywhere in the house. Turn on the faucet with the gauge attached. The number indicated is your static water pressure in pounds per square inches (PSI). Note: Plumbers often will plumb one outside water faucet prior to the pressure regulator. You'll find the meter size stamped on the meter. Note:  If you are unable to locate a pressure gauge and/or meter size, call your water authority and they will be glad to give you that information.

Backflow prevention requirement (Call your building standard office for backflow information)

Backflow is not required 
Double Check Valve is required.
PVB- Pressure Vacuum Breaker is required.
AVB-Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker is required.
RPZ- Reduced Pressure Zone is required. 

Pipe Preference:

I would like to use PVC Pipe.
I would like to use Polyethylene Pipe. 

Pipe Installation Method:

Trenching (open trench during installation; this is the preferred method)
Vibra-plow (pulls poly pipe underground)

Valve Installation Method:

Field locations (Preferred.)
Manifold in one central location.
Manifold in multiple locations (Please mark locations on your plot.)

Survey or Plot: 

I do not yet have a survey prepared

I will fax to: (704) 795-5767

I will send in an E-Mail attachment to: Click here to email

I will send by mail.


Product Preference:

I prefer Nelson products.

I prefer Hunter products.

I prefer Rain Bird products.s

I prefer Toro products.

I prefer Weathermatic products.

I would like DIY Irrigation to choose my products.



Number & Street:



Zip Code:


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