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Nelson Irrigation; Spray Heads for Lawn Sprinklers
Nelson Lawn Irrigation;
Spray Heads for Lawn Sprinklers

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Nelson 6300 Spray Heads

Nelson 6300 Spray HeadsOperating range: 15-30 psi

Optimum working pressure: 30 psi

Maximum pressure: 30 psi

Sealing pressure: <10 psi

Flush rate: 0.2 gpm

Inlet size: 1/2" female

Screen mesh: .031 sq. in./790 micron


1. Stainless steel adjustment screw reduces radius and will not rust.

2. Dome design cap flushes sand and debris away from piston.

3. Double-lipped wiper seal ensures that sand and debris are kept out of the body and seal.

4. One-piece filter screen and seat ensure the reliability and quality of the spray pattern.

5. Friction collar cuts installation time and allows 360° adjustment of the piston to align pattern exactly.

6. Stainless steel retraction spring assures positive piston retraction.

7. 1/2" bottom inlet is standard on all models (additional side inlet on 12" models).

8. Anti-drain valve and heavy-duty spring (Pro 6400-ADV) helps eliminate low head drainage and puddling. Holds back up to 10' difference in elevation.

Precise spray patterns eliminate wasted water and dry spots.

ABS plastic material, used on all pop-up bodies and nozzles, is proven strong and tough in sprinkler applications.

Matched precipitation nozzles apply water at the same rate regardless of arc.

Nelson 6304 - 4" Pop-up Spray Sprinkler-------------$2.25-----Qty.
Nelson 6306 - 6" Pop-up Spray Sprinkler-------------$5.29-----Qty.
Nelson 6312 - 12" Pop-up Spray Sprinkler-----------$7.99-----Qty.

Nozzles for any of the above spray bodies--------------------------------------- Click here for Nozzle selection


Nelson Spray Head Accessories


Threads onto a 1/2" riser, allowing you to install our 6300 Series plastic spray head nozzles
Can be used in planter beds instead of pop-up spray heads

Nelson 6300 Shrub Adapter---------------------$0.69----- Quantity



Adds six inches to any pop-up--perfect for landscape areas that need extra clearance
Threads directly onto the top of the piston
Accepts all Nelson spray nozzles

Nelson 6318 Piston Extension------------------$1.99-----Quantity




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