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RainCoach's sweep arms
allow variable speed of travel.

Storm Cruiser Model
RainCoachTM with protective cover


Features and Benefits:

  • 1" female hose thread (NPSH) inlet for use with standard 1" hose.
  • Economical alternative for large turf areas.
  • Brass, aluminum, and stainless steel construction provides unmatched durability.
  • Specially suited for use where sprinklers cannot be installed.
  • Combines 3/4" impact brass head with rotating sweep arms for full, even coverage.
  • Includes six nozzle set (#16 nozzle installed).
  • Allows for adjustable speed of travel for varied precipitation rates.
  • Also available with the optional protective safety cover (Cruiser Model).
  • Minimizes turf scarring with front roller.
  • Equipped with 3/32" x 450' galvanized steel cable tow line.
  • Provides stable operation on rough terrain with wide/long wheel base.
  • Built-in valve shuts off water automatically at the end of run.
  • Five-year warranty.

RainCoachTM is the best alternative for watering large areas where in-ground installation is not possible, safe, or cost effective. Easy to use and constructed from brass, aluminum and stainless steel for durability, RainCoachTM gives the best wide area coverage and most consistent precipitation of any propelled system. Because it stops automatically, it’s perfectly suited for schools, parks or sports fields.




Operating Ranges:

  U.S. Metric
Throw: 110' - 145' 33.4 - 44 m
  diameter x 450' run
Flow: 11.5 - 22.4 gpm 2.59 - 5.4 m3/hr
Pressure (at sprinkler):
  55 - 75 psi 3.7 - 5.1 bars
Trajectory: 28º


RainCoach's gearing allows positive
pulling power.




Code Inches mm
12 3/16" 4.80
13 13/64" 5.20
14 7/32" 5.60
15 15/64" 6.00
16 1/4" 6.40
18 9/32" 7.10


Height Width Length
2' 1' 7" 2' 5"

Rotating sweep arm span

  4' 9"  
  56 lbs.  
 Buckner Rain Coach -- $1,719.99 - Quantity
Buckner Rain Coach Cruiser Model -- $1,935.99  - - Quantity

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