Toro 340 Series Stream Rotors

340-00=Standard Model / 340-10=Shrub Model / 340-12=HP Model  12"  


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Toro 340 Series


Unique "fingers of water" provide slow, effective watering and visual appeal
  • Comes standard with arc tree featuring nine interchangeable plastic arc discs in 90°, 112.5°, 135°, 157.5°, 180°, 202.5°, 225°, 270° and 360° for maximum versatility
  • Matched precipitation rates
  • Selection of body styles: lawn, shrub and high pop—to satisfy varying installation requirements
340 Series includes all the benefits of 300 Series but pops up four inches (10.2 cm) and includes a check valve. It's perfect for medium to large residential and light commercial applications. These Stream Rotors include true matched precipitation rates that result in high-precision water application.

Unique Multiple Rotating Streams

Provides slow, effective watering, plus you can zone your sprinklers with different arcs together, saving time and water. Multiple rotating streams create a striking visual appeal.


Matched Precipitation Rate Arc Discs

Ensures uniform delivery of water across each square foot of an irrigated area, resulting in high-precision water application.


Choice Of Six Nozzles And Nine Interchangeable Arc Discs

For maximum versatility covering varying landscape needs (4 separate nozzles for high-pops).


Selection Of Body Sizes

4”(100mm) Lawn Pop-up, shrub and high-pop – to satisfy varying installation requirements

Radius 15'-33' (4.6 - 10.1 m)
Flow 0.57-7.54 GPM (2.2 - 28.5 LPM)
Arc Full Circle; Part/Full circle in One
Recommended Operating Pressure 35-60 PSI (2.4 - 4.1 BAR)
Maximum Operating Pressure 35-60 PSI (2.4 - 4.1 BAR)
Inlet 3/4" (1.9 cm)
Pop-Up Height 2 3/4"--3 3/4" (7 - 9.5 cm)
Body Height 6 1/8" (HP 16") (15.6/40.6 cm)
Cap Diameter 3" (7.6 cm)




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Toro 340 Series Stream Rotors

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