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Vista Pro CTS TranformerVista Model CTS-Single-Tap Series

(Shown with optional timer)

MT Series
Max. Wattage: 1200 W
Material: Stainless Steel

Our next generation of transformers includes many new features while maintaining the quality and reliability that Vista is known for. Some of the features include an extra-large terminal strip for multiple low voltage cable connections and a 120-volt terminal strip for easy hardwiring. A custom-designed, weathertight, clear-coated, stainless steel casing seals components from moisture and debris. Take-apart stainless steel hinges allow for easy door removal and greater access during installation. All Vista Transformers come with a lifetime warranty.

DT = W/ Digital 7 Day Electrinic Timer
RP = W/Remote Photocell Module
T = W/ Mechanical Timer


Vista CTS-1200 1200VA with Timer Ready $899.99 CTS-1200 Quantity:
Vista CTS-1200 DT 1200VA W/ Digital 7 Day Electrinic Timer $969.99 CTS-1200DT Quantity:
Vista CTS-1200 RP 1200 VA W/Remote Photocell Module $1,059.99 CTS-1200RP Quantity:
Vista CTS-1200T 1200VA W/ Mechanical Timer $899.99 CTS-1200T Quantity:
Vista CTS-300 300VA with Timer Ready $223.99 CTS-300 Quantity:
Vista CTS-300 DT 300VA W/ Digital 7 Day Electrinic Timer $267.99 CTS-300 DT Quantity:
Vista CTS-300 RP 300VA W/ Remote Photo Cell Module Installed $399.99 CTS-300 RP Quantity:
Vista CTS-300 T 300VA W/ Mechanical Timer $223.99 CTS-300T Quantity:
Vista CTS-600 600VA with Timer Ready $399.99 CTS-600 Quantity:
Vista CTS-600 DT 600VA W/ Digital 7 Day Electrinic Timer $422.99 CTS-600 DT Quantity:
Vista CTS-600 RP 600VA W/ Remote Photo Cell Module Installed $539.99 CTS-600 RP Quantity:
Vista CTS-600 T 600VA W/ Mechanical Timer $399.99 CTS-600T Quantity:
Vista CTS-900 900VA with Timer Ready $689.99 CTS-900 Quantity:
Vista CTS-900 DT 900VA W/ Digital 7 Day Electrinic Timer $729.99 CTS-900 DT Quantity:
Vista CTS-900 RP 900VA W/ Remote Photo Cell Module Installed $829.99 CTS-900 RP Quantity:
Vista CTS-900 T 900VA W/ Mechanical Timer $699.99 CTS-900T Quantity:

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