Do-It-Yourself Irrigation has produced several Instructional Videos. These Videos are for Reference only. Your installation may vary. Please follow the Manufacturer's Instructions when using Tools and Equipment. Become familiar with your local Building Codes as well as any Tools and Equipment you will use on your project

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DIY Irrigation Video ----------- Locating Utilities- Plotting and Trenching
DIY Irrigation Video ----------- Basic Irrigation Backflow Prevention
DIY Irrigation Video ----------- Tapping Into The Water Supply
DIY Irrigation Video ----------- Irrigation Valves Basics
DIY Irrigation Video ----------- Basic Irrigation Wiring
DIY Irrigation Video ----------- Basc Electronic Controller Installation
DIY Irrigation Video ----------- Drip Irrigation

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Lawn Mowing Tips:

Check your soil acidity
The correct Potential of Hydrogen (PH) of your soil, is important for a green, healthy lawn

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