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Kasco Marine; Oxygen Transfer for Outdoor Fountains from Do-It-Yourself Irrigation

 Available in the following sizes: 

  • ½ hp 120 volt 5.0 amp Model F2400/AF
  • ¾ hp 120 volt 6.7 amp Model F3400/AF
  • ¾ hp 240 volt 3.4 amp Model F3400H/AF
  • 2 hp 240 volt 11.5 amp Model 8400/AF

    Kasco high oxygen transfer units are:

    • Affordable
    • Dependable
    • Easy to move from pond to pond
    • Easy to purchase. (We have stocking distributors all over North America)
    • Available with interchangeable power cords with lengths to 200'.
    • Made to ship via UPS.
    • Salt-water compatible, all exposed metal is stainless steel.
    • Able to operate in 15", 17 ½", or 20" of water for the ½, ¾ or 2 hp unit respectively.

       Assembly Instructions (606KB PDF)



Where can these units be used?

  • On fish farms for emergency aeration, circulation and to increase fish density and health.
  • Back yard ponds for algae control and control of thermal and chemical stratification.
  • Retention ponds.
  • Waste water treatment.
  • Anywhere that requires high oxygen transfer at a low initial cost as well as low operating costs.


  • Additional intake screen
  • Variable power cable lengths in 25' increments to 200'
  • Can be purchased without the float.

Kasco 2400A 1/2 HP 120V High Oxygen X-fer -- $856.99 - Quantity

Kasco F3400/AF 3/4 HP 120V High Oxygen X-fer -- $963.99 - Quantity

Kasco F3400H/AF 3/4 HP 240V High Oxygen X-fer -- $983.99 - Quantity

Kasco 8400/JF 2 HP 240V High Oxygen X-fer -- $3,409.99 - Quantity


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