Lawn Sprinklers - In-line sprinkler valves.

Welcome to Do-It-Yourself Irrigation's Design Services for Lawn Sprinklers and
Lawn Sprinkler Systems.

Our Company was founded on the concept that the average person can install professional quality Lawn Sprinklers and Lawn Sprinkler Systems, if provided with good Design, quality Parts and simple Instructions.

Each of our packages are designed for the specific needs of our customers.

We offer state of the art sprinkler products Lawn Sprinkler Systems -  24 volt valves. including Hunter, Nelson, Rain Bird, Toro, Weathermatic, and more. Our superior Design allows our customers to install quality Lawn Sprinklers, and Lawn Sprinkler Systems, at lower prices than home centers, for a fraction of the cost of hiring contractors.
Lawn Sprinklers - Gear driven heads and rotors.
Learn how you can complete your own Lawn Sprinkler System installation using a Do-It-Yourself Irrigation Package , but don't confuse our Systems with your local Home Center. Our Lawn Sprinklers - Professional grade irrigation productspackages include Sprinkler Products that are built to last, coupled with a Professional Design, DVD, guidelines and Blueprint. Our packages allow for easier installation, and Professional Results of your new Lawn Sprinkler System.


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Lawn Mowing Tips:

Check your soil acidity
The correct Potential of Hydrogen (PH) of your soil, is important for a green, healthy lawn

Design Service

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$500.00 Quantity:
Design Service 0-1/2 acre $200.00 Quantity:
Design Service 1/2 - 1 Acre $300.00 Quantity:

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