Are you intimidated by Inground Sprinklers?

Don't be intimidated.  You can install the highest quality Inground Sprinklers, Inground Lawn Sprinkler System, or Inground Lawn Irrigation Lawn Sprinklers, Lawn Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation Products.System possible, using a DIY Irrigation package.  

We remove all guesswork.  Using your survey plot, we develop a scale blueprint, showing head, valve, backflow and pipe placement.  The package includes a how to DVD, master blueprint, industrial grade products and a materials list.  Even if you have never changed washers in a faucet, or glued two pipes together, our step by step process will make the job so simple, that the hardest part will be back-filling the trenches.  
Initial concerns regarding your ability to undertake this project will pass, as you see how comprehensive our package is.   The how-to-DVD provides step by step instruction, which details planning, preparation and installation of your Inground Sprinklers.  The Master Blueprint shows specific spacing, location and equipment necessary for your lawn.  All of our supplies are commercial quality, normally available only to contractors.  These are specialized products including backflow preventers, electronic controllers, control valves and sprinklers heads.  In addition, we supply a materials list that indicates the additional materials you will be able to purchase at your local building supply center.  This complete package is custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of your lawn.  All we need are a few facts about your lot and water supply.  

Do-It-Yourslef Irrigation offers all the products and supplies needed to install your lawn irrigation and sprinkler system.

You will have satisfaction, in the end, knowing not only that the job was done right, but that it was done with better materials, for a lower overall cost than possible through your local Home Center.

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Do-It-Yourself Irrigation



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Lawn Mowing Tips:

Check your soil acidity
The correct Potential of Hydrogen (PH) of your soil, is important for a green, healthy lawn

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