Rain Bird Drip Irrigation, Xerigation for your yard
Rain Bird Lawn Irrigation;
Xerigation for Lawn Sprinklers.

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Create Beautiful Landscapes: Rain Bird Drip Irrigation

Rain Bird Drip Irrigation


Rain Bird Drip Irrigation is easy to install, it's versatile and you can add and remove drip irrigation devices as the need arises.

Because it's Rain Bird, you know your system will last. So get started with confidence, knowing that changing your system is almost as simple as changing your mind.

Rain Bird Distribution Tubing1/4" Distribution Tubing
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

Extends emitter outlets to desirable discharge locations.
Fits over barbed outlet ports on all Xerigation emission devices and 1/4" transfer fittings. Made from flexible polyvinyl materials.

PT-025-100 1/4" Micro Tubing, 100 Foot Roll ----------$14.99 - Quantity
Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Xeri-Bug EmittersRain Bird Xeri-Bug™ Emitters

Point Source Emission Devices

Primary Applications:

Ideal for watering hedges, tress, shrubbery and potted plants. The pressure compensating feature makes them particularly suitable for watering vegetation planted on slopes.

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Xeri-Bug Emitters---------------- --$0.59 - Quantity

Pressure-Compensating ModulesRain Bird Pressure-Compensating Modules
Point Source Emission Devices

Features & Benefits:

Higher-flow emission devices are ideal for irrigating large shrubs and trees and for precisely regulating flow to Xeri-Bubblers and Xeri-Sprays.

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Press.Comp. Modules-- --$1.19 - Quantity

Rain Bird Multi-Outlet Xeri-Bug™ Rain Bird Multi-Outlet Xeri-Bug™
Point Source Emission Devices

Features & Benefits:

Pressure compensating design delivers uniform flow throughout a wide pressure range (15 to 50 psi; 1,0 to 3,5 Bars).

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XB-10-6 (Barb Inlet)-------------------------------------------------$3.89 - Quantity
Xeri-Bird™ 8 Multi-Outlet Emission DeviceRain Bird Xeri-Bird™ 8 Multi-Outlet Emission Device
Point Source Emission Devices

Features & Benefits:

Threads on to any 1/2" (15/21) riser and delivers water to multiple locations for increased system flexibility.

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XBD-80: 8 unit (includes 7 removable port plugs)--------------$16.89 - Quantity
Rain Bird Xeri-Bird™ 8 Multi-Outlet Emission Device Rain Bird Xeri-Bird™ 8 Multi-Outlet Emission Device  With Spike Rain Bird Xeri-Bubblers™
Broadcast Emission Devices

Features & Benefits:

Adjust flow and radius by turning outer cap.
Clean by completely unscrewing cap from base unit.
Ideal for shrub plantings, trees, containers, and flower beds.
Four convenient installation connections available for design flexibility:
10-32 self-tapping thread, 1/2" FPT, 1/4" barb, and 5" spike.


SXB-180-025: Half Circle, 5 Streams, 1/4" Barb--------$0.77 - Quantity

SXB-180-SPYK: Half Circle, 5 Streams, 5" Spike------$0.89 - Quantity

SXB-360-025: Full Circle, 8 Streams, 1/4" Barb---------$0.83 - Quantity

SXB-360-SPYK: Full Circle, 8 Streams, 5" Spike-------$0.87 - Quantity

UXB-360-025: Full Circle, Umbrella, 1/4" Barb----------$0.77 - Quantity

UXB-360-SPYK: Full Circle, Umbrella, 5" Spike--------$0.87 - Quantity

Rain Bird Xeri-Sprays™Rain Bird Xeri-Sprays™
Broadcast Emission Devices

Features & Benefits:

Adjust flow/radius by turning integral ball valve.
Uniform emission pattern provides excellent distribution.
10-32 self-tapping threads fit into 1/2" x 10-32 adapter (10-32A); 1800 Xeri-Bubbler™ adapter (XBA-1800); and polyflex riser (PFR-12).
Ideal for ground cover, mass plantings, annual flower beds, and containers.

Xeri-Sprays---------------------------$1.69 - Quantity

Rain Bird Xeri-Sprays™ 360° True Spray Rain Bird Xeri-Sprays™ 360° True Spray
Broadcast Emission Devices

Features & Benefits:

True micro-spray with full-circle fan spray pattern.
Adjust flow/radius by turning outer cap.
Ideal for mass plantings, ground cover, annual flower beds and containers.
Four convenient installation connections for design flexibility: 10-32 self-tapping thread, 1/2" FPT, 1/4" barb and 5" spike.
Easily cleaned by completely unscrewing cap from base unit.

XS-360TS-SPYK: 5" Spike---------------------------------------$1.49 - Quantity

Rain Bird Xeri-Pops™Rain Bird Xeri-Pops™
Broadcast Emission Devices

Features & Benefits:

The Rain Bird Xeri-Pop operates at 20 to 50 psi base pressure when water is supplied by 1/4" distribution tubing.
For optimum performance use 40 psi or 50 psi pressure regulator.
Self-flushing, pressure-activated wiper seal assures reliable pop-up and pop-down.
Barb inlet accepts 1/4" distribution tubing.
Ribbed/flanged design of inlet assembly stabilizes the Rain Bird Xeri-Pop at installation and protects the 1/4" barb from possible damage.
A durable, plastic snap-collar secures 1/4" distribution tubing to the outside of the Rain Bird Xeri-Pop case.
All plastic parts in the Xeri-Pop are impact resistant. All external parts are UV resistant.

XP-600X: 6" Pop-up Device-------------------------------------$6.09- Quantity

Rain Bird Tubing End ClosuresRain Bird Tubing End ClosuresRain Bird Tubing End Closures
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

Compression Flush Cap (700-CF-21) fits onto the end of Xeri-Tube™ 700 (XT-700) or any 1/2" drip tubing with .700" O.D., enabling line flushing by simply unscrewing the cap.
Figure-8 End Closures (700-CF-22) are used at the ends of drip tubing laterals. Easily removed for flushing.
700-CF-22 can be used with either Xeri-Tube™ 700 or Landscape Dripline.


700-CF-22----Figure 8 End ----------------------------------$0.25 - Quantity

Rain Bird Tubing Goof PlugRain Bird Tubing Goof Plug
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

New design works with XM-Tool to speed emitter removal and plugging of unwanted holes.

EMA-GPX---------------------------------------------------------------$0.09 - Quantity

Rain Bird Polyflex Riser/Adapter and Stake AssembliesRain Bird Polyflex Riser/Adapter and Stake Assemblies
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-assembly of polyflex riser adapter and stake saves time and money when installing a Xerigation system.
  • Use PFR/FRA to install Xerigation emission devices into PVC laterals.
  • Use PFR/RS to install Xeri-Sprays™ and Xeri-Bubblers™ in planter beds.


PFR/FRA----------------------------------------------------------------$0.85 - Quantity

PFR/RS------------------------------------------------------------------$1.03 - Quantity
Rain Bird Flex Riser Stake - ThreadedRain Bird Flex Riser Stake - Threaded
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

Constructed of UV-resistant plastic material.
Barbed side inlet accepts 1/4" distribution tubing (DT-025 or PT-025).
10-32 threaded outlet permits easy threading of 12" (30,5 cm) polyflex riser (PFR-12).



RS-025T-----------------------------------------------------------------$0.73 - Quantity

Rain Bird 12" Polyflex RiserRain Bird 12" Polyflex Riser
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

Accepts all Xeri-Bubbler™, Xeri-Spray™ and 10-32 threaded PC drip emitter emission devices.
Constructed of thick-walled, high-density polyethylene.
Can be used in conjunction with a riser stake (RS-025T) or a 1/2" (15/21) NPT x flex-riser adapter (FRA-050) for Xeri-Bug™, Xeri-Bubbler™ and Xeri-Spray™ applications.

Xerigation PFR-12---------------------------------------------------$0.33 - Quantity

Rain Bird 1/4" Tubing StakesRain Bird 1/4" Tubing Stakes
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

Constructed of UV-resistant plastic material.
Used for holding 1/4" distribution tubing (DT-025 or PT-025) in place at the plant root zone.
Accepts 1/4" distribution tubing from .19 (O.D.) to .256 (O.D.)
Free bug cap included (on TS-025 w/cap).
Locking cap holds tubing in place.

TS-025--------------------------------------------------------------------$0.35 - Quantity

Rain Bird Diffuser Bug CapRain Bird Diffuser Bug Cap
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

Barb inlet fits into 1/4" distribution tubing (DT-025 or PT-025).
Flanged shield diffuses water to minimize soil erosion at emission point.
Prevents bugs and other debris from clogging 1/4" distribution tubing.

DBC-025-----------------------------------------------------------------$0.36 - Quantity

Rain Bird 1/4" Self-Piercing Barb ConnectorRain Bird 1/4" Self-Piercing Barb Connector
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

Self-piercing barb inlet can be inserted into XBS-BlackStripe or Xeri-Tube™ 700 (XT-700) using a XM-Tool to provide a transfer fitting for 1/4" distribution tubing (DT-025).
Outlet barb accepts 1/4" distribution tubing (DT-025 or PT-025)). Gray outlet barb indicates unit has unrestricted flow.

SPB-025-----------------------------------------------------------------$0.35 - Quantity

Rain Bird 1/4" Barb Transfer Fittings Rain Bird 1/4" Barb Transfer Fittings
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

Used to connect 1/4" distribution tubing (DT-025) in different configurations.
Rugged plastic construction.


XBF-1: 1/4 Barb Connector------------------------------------$0.17 - Quantity

XBF-2: 1/4 Barb x Barb Elbow-------------------------------$0.17 - Quantity

ABF-3: 1/4 Barb x Barb x Barb Tee-------------------------$0.21 - Quantity

Rain Bird Tie-Down StakeRain Bird Tie-Down Stake
Distribution Components

Features & Benefits:

12-gauge galvanized steel rod is easily bent to staple Xeri-Tube™
700 (XT-700) or Landscape Dripline to finished grade.



TDS-050-----------------------------------------------------------------$0.22 - Quantity

Rain Bird Retrofit Kit Rain Bird Retrofit Kit
Control Zones

Features & Benefits:

Permits convenient conversion to drip tubing when used with compression adapter.
Provides 30 psi (2,0 Bars) pressure regulation and 200-mesh (75 micron) screen that is easily accessible.
Internal assembly drops into any 1804, 1806, or 1812 spray head body to easily retrofit existing system to Xerigation products.
Can be installed above or below grade.
If retrofit flow is less than 3 GPM, replace electronic valve with Rain Bird Control Zone Kit.


Flow: 0.5 to 4 GPM (0,11 to 0,91 m3/h; 0,3 to 0,25 l/s)
Inlet Pressure: 15 to 70 psi (1,0 to 5,0 Bars)

RETRO-1800---------------------------------------------------------$19.79 - Quantity

Rain Bird Ball ValveRain Bird Ball Valve
Control Zones

Features & Benefits:

Positive drip-tight shutoff.
Rapid 1/4-turn on/off control.
Durable PVC body ( 3/4" 20/27 NPT) and rugged ABS handle.

XBV-075-----------------------------------------------------------------$4.81 - Quantity

Rain Bird Control Zone Kit 1"Rain Bird Control Zone Kit 1"
Control Zones

Features & Benefits:

Complete kit provides automatic control of a drip zone when irrigation control valve is connected to a timer.
Kit includes the following components:
XCZ-100 1" (26/34)
(1) FPT ball valve, (1) 100-DV remote control valve, (1) RBY-100-200MX in-line filter, (1) PSI-M40X-100 pressure regulator and (3) schedule 80 close nipples.

XCZ-100---------------------------------------------------------------$76.69 - Quantity

Rain Bird Inline Wye FiltersRain Bird Inline Wye Filters
Control Zones

Features & Benefits:

Glass-filled nylon construction provides 150 psi pressure rating and permits filter installation upstream of irrigation control valve.
Replacement filter elements are constructed of polyester mesh welded to a color-coded polypropylene frame.
Filter elements are available in three configurations:
200-mesh (75-micron); 150-mesh (100-micron) and 100-mesh (150-micron) models.
Cap, with sealing o-ring, unthreads to provide access to filter element for easy cleaning.

RBY075MPTX-(Formerly 075-200X)--------------------$21.49 - Quantity

RBY100MPTX-(Formerly 100-200X)--------------------$23.79 - Quantity

Rain Bird Inline Pressure Regulators Rain Bird Inline Pressure Regulators
Control Zones

Features & Benefits:

Can be installed above or below the ground.
Preset outlet pressures 40 psi
3/4" (20/27) or 1" (26/34) female-threaded inlet and outlet.

Regulators------$11.69 - Quantity

Rain Bird Xeriman™ ToolRain Bird Xeriman™ Tool

Features & Benefits:

Provides fast, easy, one-step installation of Xeri-Bug™ emitters, PC Modules and 1/4" barbed insert fittings directly into 1/2" or 3/4" drip tubing such as Xeri-Tube™ (XT-700).

XM-TOOL----------------------------------------------------------------$6.49 - Quantity

Dripline Staples


  • 11 Gauge steel wire
  • Bent into a "U" shape
  • 1" between the two parallel legs of 6" length

Dripline Staples: Pack of 25----------------------------------$2.50 - Quantity


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