KwikCut Original

Multi purpose cutter designed to make quick work of thin wall PVC, Poly Pipe, Hose and Tubing. Our blade is forged from the longest lasting, highest quality metal. This creates a blade that is sharper and holds its edge longer for more clean, precise cuts.


The KwikCut Advance with Spring Action

Advanced Spring action is perfect for making multiple cuts fast. Ideal for thin wall PVC, Poly pipe, Hose and Tubing. Our blade is forged from the longest lasting, highest quality metal. This creates a blade that is sharper and holds its edge longer for more clean, precise cuts. KwikCut Advance spring action model cuts work time in half.



Replacement Blades

Blades available in PTFE or Stainless Steel


KwikCut Ratchet Cutter

This Double Action Ratchet gives you loads of extra power and the blades are precision milled to give a clean cut with very little effort. Smooth one-hand operation with dual push button safety release and locking mechanism.Ideal for heavy walled plastic pipe and plastic conduit.


Hand Saw - NEW Smooth Start PVC Blade

For cutting large PVC or ABS pipe, no other saw does it faster or straighter than KwikCut PVC Saw. Available in 9", 13" and 18" lengths with optimal tooth design.


Turf Knife "The Claw"

- Cutlery grade steel blade
- Comfortable non-slip grip
- Bi-material handle is ergonomically designed
- Fixed hook serrated blade knife for quick clean cutting
- Cuts and trims sod/turf grass, roofing material, floor coverings

$14.99 Quantity:

Rope Saw - A Nesessity For Any Toolbox

The KwikCut Rope Saw will cut Plastic, Wood, Rubber and more. It cuts in places you can’t get to with a larger saw and cuts in any direction. Comfort grips allow you to use our hands instead of just your fingers. Carry one in your tool box for any situation.

$8.99 Quantity:

Wire Stripper/Cutter

- Hi Viz orange
- Narrow nose fits into tight places
- Spring-loaded action for self-opening
- Paired stripping holes for 10 to 22 ga wire
- Shear-type cutting blades for square, clean cuts
- Hardened steel with precision ground stripping holes
- Coated handles provide a firm, comfortable grip
- Wire looping and bending holes

$14.99 Quantity:

Super-Duty Ergonomic Wire Strippers with Bolt Cutters

- Double dipped handles with air cushion pockets provide an ergonomic comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue
- Longer, curved handles provide extra leverage and greater comfort
- Serrated gripping jaws in nose for use as pliers
- Built-in bolt cutters cleanly cut 6-32 screws

$24.99 Quantity:

Crimper with NEW Box Jaw Design

- Forged from high quality stainless steel for heavy usage
- Allows for optimal clamp ear clearance
- Hi Viz orange
- Perfect for installing or removing pinch clamps
- Also handy for cutting wire, strapping, pulling nails and more

Oetiker Clamps (100 each) 100 PSI

1" Clamps for Polyethylene Pipe 100 PSI

$28.99 Quantity:
Oetiker Clamps (100 Pack) 160 PSI

1" Clamps for Polyethylene Pipe 160 PSI

$61.00 Quantity:
oetiker pincers.jpg

Oetiker Clamp Pincers

Pincers for Oetiker Clamps, for Clamping Polyethylene Pipe fittings

$33.99 Quantity:
Hunter Adjustment Tool

Hunter adjusting tool for PGM,PGP,I-20, I-25.

$1.99 Quantity:
Dawn Pipe Saddles (5 pack) $9.95 Quantity:
Dawn Pipe Saddles $1.99 Quantity:
Dawn Core Tool $13.99 Quantity:

Head Placement Marking Flags

$0.10 Quantity:

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