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Design Questions:

If you have a design question, for which you have been unable to find an answer through our Technical Data Pages, complete this form, and we will get back with you soon. If you are ready to request a free, no obligation estimate of a complete system design, Click Here.





Design Estimate Request Form

A. In order to correctly Plan for the Design of your In-Ground Irrigation System, and placement of your Sprinklers, please make a copy or two of your survey.  A survey is usually included in your home closing papers.

B. On a copy of your survey draw all patios, decks, walkways, sheds, driveways, etc. Identify fences, walls, planters, trees, shrubs, flowers beds, and garden plots.  Draw a box on your plan to show the location of your water meter or pump.  Draw an x near an electrical outlet where you would like to locate your residential electronic controller. Using arrows, show significant changes in elevation.  Do not include gradual slopes. Arrows are to point toward the lower elevation. NOTE: If you don't have a survey use graph paper and draw your property and all  information to scale 1"=10' or 1"=20'.

Keep in mind that your In-Ground Irrigation System will be designed using your information, so the more precise your drawing, the better the Design and performance of your Lawn Sprinklers.  Click here for examples of both an original and a detailed survey.

STEP 2: Complete the appropriate Information Request / Design Questionnaire below based on your water source. This will open a new window in your browser. Close that window after your form is submitted.

Click here if your water is provided through a meter; complete the form and return to this page.

Click here if your water is provided through a pump; complete the form and return to this page.

STEP 3: Submit your payment, based on your yard size:



We will examine your information and provide a detailed estimate of our system package and the approximate cost of any additional materials and supplies which are more cost effective to purchase from your local home improvement center (PVC Pipe, fittings, etc.)

Thank you, and we will get back to you right away!!!!


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